• Institute of Advanced Studies Köszeg (iASK) and University of Pannonia: Re-Imagining Higher Education: The COVID-19 Context, iASK Summer School 2021, 3 July 2021, Köszeg, Hungary (online), [program schedule], [recorded lecture]
  • University of the Philippines National College of Public Administration and Governance: Diving into Development: Discourses and Trends, Course on Doctorate in Public Administration, 7 December 2020, Quezon City, Philippines (online)
  • Commission on Audit: Leadership Styles, 23 August 2017, Quezon City, Philippines


  • Taiwan Association for Schools of Public Administration and Affairs Conference: 2 June 2018, Soochow University Shuang Xi Campus, Taiwan
  • 2nd Singapore Public Policy Network Conference: 29 January 2018, Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy, National University of Singapore, Singapore
  • International Research Forum on the Philippines: 23 November 2017, Filipino-Australian Student Council Victoria and La Trobe University, Australia, La Trobe University, Melbourne Australia
  • Lien Conference on Good Governance: 27 October 2017, Nanyang Technological University in collaboration with the American Society for Public Administration and the International Institute of Administrative Sciences, Singapore
  • UP NCPAG 65th Anniversary International Conference: 24 August 2017, UP NCPAG, Ortigas, Philippines
  • 1st International Conference of European and Asian Researchers and Educators on Lifelong Learning for Sustainable Development: 13 May 2017, Asia-Europe Meeting Lifelong Learning Hub, Danish School of Education, Aarhus University in cooperation with the Asia-Europe Foundation, Boracay, Philippines
  • International Conference of Philippine Society for Public Administration (PSPA): 4 November 2016, PSPA, Manila, Philippines


  • International Academic Forum (IAFOR) Asian Conference on Education (in collaboration with the Osaka University): 25-28 November 2021, Tokyo, Japan
  • The Society for Transnational Academic Researchers Network (STAR Scholars Network): 6 December 2020, Nepal Open University, Kathmandu, Nepal
  • AAB College International Conference: 5 September 2020, AAB College, Pristina, Kosovo
  • Indonesian Association for Public Administration Conference: 7 May 2020, Jakarta, Indonesia; in collaboration with Prof. dr. Alex Brillantes, Ainna Shariz Comia, and Karl Emmanuel Ruiz
  • Public Administration Theory Network Conference: 4 June 2017, Wyoming, USA
  • Asian Association of Public Administration Annual Conference: 13 April 2017, Astana, Kazakhstan


  • ScienceCom Research Academy: 13 July 2017, University of Graz, Austria
  • 17th Conference of the Science Council of Asia: 14 June 2017, Science Council of Asia, Science Council of Japan, Philippine Department of Science and Technology & National Research Council of the Philippines, Manila, Philippines
  • 9th Global Congress & Conferment Ceremony of Royal Institution Singapore: 6 December 2016, Manila, Philippines


  • National Research Council of the Philippines’ 2022 Annual Scientific Conference: 15 March 2022, online


  • UNU Institute on Comparative Regional Integration Studies: Lunch Seminar, 8 May 2023, Brugge, Belgium
  • Assembly of European Regions: Economy 4.0: Shaping a future that works for everybody, 4 December 2019, Brussels, Belgium
  • Electronic Financial Users’ Circle, Inc.: Financial Management: A Personal Perspective, 8 March 2017, Legazpi, Philippines


Photo by Patrick Robert Doyle from Unsplash

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