Interview about my participation in the 18th ASEM Seminar on human rights and prevention of violent extremism, Asia-Europe Foundation, 20 September 2019, India 

Interview about my participation in the UN Graduate Study Programme on multilateralism, United Nations Office at Geneva, 17 July 2019, Switzerland 

Interview about multilateralism, United Nations Geneva, 12 July 2019, Geneva, Switzerland 

Participation in the Media Forum on Federalism, Pimentel Institute for Leadership & Governance, 6 February 2018, Club Filipino, San Juan, Philippines 

Interview about an urban farming project for young drug surrenderees, SBS Australia Radio Show, 23 November 2017, Melbourne, Australia 

Media appearance in my capacity as a Life Skills Trainer in “Failon Ngayon”, ABS-CBN (Channel 2, Philippine TV), 4 February 2017, Quezon City, Philippines 


In “A Summer School in a Castle: Graz International Summer School” by Lisa-Maria Schantl, 7 February 2018, 


Photo by Thomas William from Unsplash

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