(forthcoming) “Development Discourses and Trends”, University of the Philippines National College of Public Administration and Governance, 26-28 October 2020, Quezon City, Philippines (online)

“Leadership Styles”, Commission on Audit PIDS Seminar, 23 August 2017 (3 hours), Quezon City, Philippines 

“Research Sharing”, University of the Philippines College of Home Economics, 15 January 2009 (1.5 hours), Quezon City, Philippines


“Economy 4.0: Shaping a future that works for everybody”, Assembly of European Regions, 4 December 2019, Brussels, Belgium 

“Financial Management: A Personal Perspective”, Electronic Financial Users’ Circle, Inc. Conference, 8 March 2017, Legazpi, Philippines 


(forthcoming) “Gender Shifts among Filipino Couples”, ICOPHIL Conference, no date yet, Alicante, Spain

(forthcoming) “Geographies of Gender: Gender Norms and Roles of Filipino Couples in Belgium”, European Association of Development Research and Training Institutes (EADI) Conference (Theme: Solidarity, Peace and Social Justice), 5-8 July 2021, the Hague, Netherlands 

(forthcoming) “Dynamics of Higher Education Regionalization in the Philippines”, Association of Southeast Asian Institutions of Higher Learning (ASAIHL) Conference (Theme: Bridges for Science and Education: Cooperation, Trust, Openness and Creativity in Globalized World), 1-2 June 2021, University of Warsaw, Poland 

“Life Skills Training”, Taiwan Association for Schools of Public Administration and Affairs Conference (Theme: Public Administration in Changing New Values, New Issues and New Challenges), 2 June 2018, Soochow University Shuang Xi Campus, Taiwan 

“Policy Review of the JobStart Philippines Act”, 2nd Singapore Public Policy Network Conference, Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy, National University of Singapore, 29 January 2018, Singapore 

“Gulayan sa Batasan: A Project Feasibility Study on an Urban Farming Project in Barangay Batasan Hills, Quezon City”, International Research Forum on the Philippines 2017 (Theme: Interrogating Paradoxes in the Philippines), Filipino-Australian Student Council Victoria and La Trobe University, Australia, 23 November 2017, La Trobe University, Melbourne Australia 

“The Degree of Citizen Participation in the Citizen Participatory Audit Project”, Lien Conference on Good Governance (Theme: Forging Towards an Inclusive and Sustainable Globalization), Nanyang Technological University in collaboration with the American Society for Public Administration and the International Institute of Administrative Sciences, 27 October 2017, Singapore

“Revisiting the Public Sector Ethics and Accountability Mechanisms: Emerging Trends and Sustainable Reforms”, UP NCPAG 65TH Anniversary International Conference (Theme: Public Administration in Changing Times: New Norms and Sustainable Reforms), 24 August 2017, Ortigas, Philippines 

“Project Implementation of the JobStart Philippines Act”, 1st International Conference of European and Asian Researchers and Educators on Lifelong Learning for Sustainable Development 2017 (Theme: Universities and Communities in Asia and Europe – Creating Meaning for Sustainable Development), Asia-Europe Meeting Lifelong Learning Hub, Danish School of Education, Aarhus University in cooperation with the Asia-Europe Foundation, 13 May 2017, Boracay, Philippines 

“E-Government as a Tool to Monitor Government Accountability”, International Conference of Philippine Society for Public Administration (Theme: Deepening the Discourse on Development, Democratization and Decentralization: Towards Responsive Politico-Administrative Systems and Institutions), 4 November 2016, Manila, Philippines 


“Filipinos’ Bayanihan Spirit Amidst COVID-19”, AAB College International Conference (Theme: Transformations and Consequences in Society due to COVID-19 Pandemia), 5-6 September 2020, AAB College, Pristina, Kosovo

“Governance and Public Administration Issues and Concerns amidst COVID-19: The Ongoing Experience of the Philippines”, Indonesian Association for Public Administration Conference (Theme: Governance and Public Administration Issues and Concerns amidst COVID-19: Country Experiences and Imperatives for Regional Cooperation), 7 May 2020, Jakarta, Indonesia; in collaboration with Prof. dr. Alex Brillantes, Ainna Shariz Comia, and Karl Emmanuel Ruiz 

“Ethical Considerations in Citizen Participatory Audit”, Public Administration Theory Network Conference (Theme: Tension and Transition: The New Frontiers of Public Administration), 4 June 2017, Wyoming, USA 

“Filipino Citizens’ Trust and Acceptance of E-Government in Relation to their Notion of Philippine Government Accountability”, 2017 Asians’ Association of Public Administration’ Annual Conference (Theme: New Challenges for Public Administration and Governance in Asia: Harnessing Opportunities within the Context of Sustainable Development Goals), 13 April 2017, Astana, Kazakhstan 


“Policy Review of JobStart Philippines Act”, ScienceCom Research Academy, University of Graz, 13 July 2017, Graz, Austria 

E-Government as a Tool to Monitor Government Accountability”, 17th Conference of the Science Council of Asia (Theme: Science, Technology and Innovation for Inclusive Development), Science Council of Asia, Science Council of Japan, Philippine Department of Science and Technology & National Research Council of the Philippines, 14 June 2017, Manila, Philippines

“Ethical Considerations in Citizen Participatory Audit”, 9th Global Congress & Conferment Ceremony of Royal Institution Singapore (Theme: Organizational Transparency: Bedrock of Good Governance), 6 December 2016, Manila, Philippines 


Weekly basis: Leadership and character education, Kalinangan Youth Foundation, Inc., June 2009-September 2014 (120 hours/year), Quezon City, Philippines

Weekly basis: Personality development, People Engaged in People Projects Foundation, Inc., June 2009-June 2011 (50+ hours/year), Manila, Philippines


Photo by Patrick Robert Doyle from Unsplash

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