Web Article: Human Security Carving Itself Out in a (Post)COVID-19 World (Eastern Focus Quarterly)

States have traditionally dominated the orthodox concept of security. This is not without reason, as history attests to an international community ravaged by deadly wars, with the two World Wars as probably the most infamous examples. Given the ever-present possibility of threats from external aggressors, the notion of (in)security has been heavily associated with states.

But amidst the ongoing health crisis, this pandemic has clearly demonstrated that security is indeed a far more complex notion than nuclear threats and military build-ups. A non-state threat, such as a microscopic virus, can very much threaten and erode a nation’s sense of security.

COVID-19 has taught the world how closely societies are interwoven with one another, and it has highlighted that the international community is only as strong as its weakest link. It is within this context that the world’s great powers will have to play a critical role for the necessary international cooperation that would aid the entire globe and enable other countries to be assisted in a more effective manner.

The full article can be accessed at https://eastern-focus.eu/2020/08/human-security-carving-itself-out-in-a-postcovid-19-world/


Published originally on 4 August 2020 at Eastern Focus Quarterly

Eastern Focus Quarterly is a Bucharest-based English-language quarterly bringing regional voices, ideas and topics to the great debates of today. Shedding light on regional developments. Anchored in democratic values. Delivered straight to the movers’ and shakers’ inboxes across Europe, America and globally. Connecting people across geographies and thought bubbles.

Photo by Morning Brew from Unsplash

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