Training: MUN Training, UNYA Leuven (Belgium)

UNYA Leuven MUN Training

15, 22, 29 October and 5 November 2019

About the Training

The training is for people who are interested about United Nations affairs and who would like to refine their debating and public speaking skills. The trainees are prepared to participate in a real MUN conference and to lead them into the world of the United Nations. Specific areas of focus are on the rules of procedure and presentation skills. The last part of the training ends with a simulation exercise.

The training was organized by UNYA Flanders – Leuven.

About UNYA Flanders – Leuven

VVN Youth (UNYA Flanders) is the youth department of the Association for the United Nations. We have been active throughout Flanders and Brussels since 2006, focusing specifically on young people and students. In very short terms, we deal with international issues that are on the UN agenda or that we believe should be on the UN agenda. We also try to emphasize the importance of international cooperation in all our activities, the principles and principles of the UN being an important guideline.


Photo by Dylan Gillis from Unsplash

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