Award: MCADES at KUL

I obtained the degree of Advanced Master of Science in Cultures and Development Studies cum laude from the Katholieke Universiteit Leuven. I graduated on the 13th of September 2019.

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CADES is a unique, international advanced Master programme that provides a broad interdisciplinary platform that facilitates students in addressing development issues and social transformations from an anthropological perspective. The programme brings together students and professionals from all over the world who are involved or interested in social, educational, emancipatory or policy work in the development, or, more broadly, the social sector.​​​​

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What is the Master of Cultures and Development Studies all about

The advanced Master of Cultural Anthropology and development Studies (CADES) brings together students and professionals from all over the world, involved in consultancy, policy, education and research in the international development sector. It offers you a large international and interdisciplinary platform to deal with development issues from an anthropological perspective.

This programme is rooted in contemporary social and cultural anthropology. It draws both on research conducted at the Institute for Anthropological Research in Africa (IARA) and the Interculturalism, Migration and Minority Research Centre (IMMRC) and welcomes a variety of perspectives to enhance students’ multi-disciplinary and intercultural expertise and skills. You can choose elective courses from the following disciplines and thematic specialisations:

  • architecture and urban planning
  • economics
  • gender studies
  • post-colonial theory
  • comparative religion
  • agriculture and engineering
  • education
  • politics
  • psychology
  • philosophy

More information can be accessed at


Photo by Sharon McCutcheon from Unsplash

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