(Ongoing Study) Government Reorganization


This consultancy work is initiated by the Department of Budget and Management under the Office of the President of the Republic of the Philippines. It is a study about government reorganization that specifically focuses on organizational restructuring, looking into the overlapping functions, programs and projects as well as those agencies that could be abolished, merged or established. The idea is to have a bureaucracy that caters to the current needs of the country while utilizing government resources optimally.

Specific tasks I handled

• Conducted a strategic review of the extent of government intervention in the Department of Education and the Department of the Interior and Local Government with regard to government rightsizing
• Pinpointed areas of dysfunctions and opportunities for improvement
• Provided recommendations on the necessary transformational initiatives, and functional and organizational changes that could be implemented in the abovementioned agencies
• Wrote the 43-page Inception Report
• Edited the report which will be translated into a draft Executive Order
• Supervised focus group discussions and interviews with government directors, commissioners and undersecretaries.


This is an internal study.

Photo by Krisia Vinzon from Pexels

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