Paper Presentation: Urban Farming Project, La Trobe University (Australia)

Gulayan sa Batasan: A Project Feasibility Study on an Urban Farming Project in Barangay Batasan Hills, Quezon City

Jenifer C. Camilon, Michelle C. Castillo, Dianne M. Gammad, Maria Pilar M. Lorenzo, Karla Sio, Rani Shannon Ulbata, Pauline Marie S. Villar


“Gulayan sa Batasan” is a study about a possible urban farming project for the benefit of drug surrenderees from the youth sector of Barangay Batasan Hills, Quezon City. Through urban farming, the project introduces an innovative approach in giving former illegal drug users with a viable source of additional income for their families while providing them with a community that can help them avoid reverting back to drug abuse. It aims to provide supplemental source of income, addressing the issue of financial problems in the family that leads to poor family relations and incidence of out-of-school youth.

Aside from additional income, some of the benefits that can be derived from the project are 1) community for the drug surrenderees that can facilitate their reintegration to the society, 2) creation of safe places and green scenery, 3) improvement of air quality in the immediate environment, and 4) learning experience for beneficiaries.

The research methods that were employed were Focus Group Discussions, interviews, and desk reviews. After which, different kinds of analyses were made, specifically market analysis, technical analysis, financial analysis, socio-economic analysis, risk and sensitivity analysis, and organization and management analysis.

As the project is found to be feasible in all aspects, it is recommended for the authorities of the Brgy. Batasan Hills to consider the project proposal in their development plan. Furthermore, for its possible funding, it is recommended to submit the project proposal and this feasibility study to cognizant agencies such as: (1) LGU of Quezon City (2) DA, and (3) DWSD.


This paper was presented at the International Research Forum on the Philippines 2017 with the theme of Interrogating Paradoxes in the Philippines. It was organized by the Filipino-Australian Student Council Victoria (FASTCO), and was held on 23 November 2017 at La Trobe University in Melbourne, Australia.

Full copy of the paper can be accessed at:

Paper Presentation in La Trobe Conf.jpg


 Photo by Karla Sio

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