Interview: Filipino youth, SBS Australia (Australia)

This is an interview that the Filipino Program of SBS Australia (radio show) accorded to Dr. Marie Grace Gomez and myself with regard to our researches for Filipino drug surrenderees. I spoke on behalf of my group’s feasibility study entitled “Gulayan sa Batasan: A Project Feasibility Study on an urban farming project in Barangay Batasan Hills, Quezon City”. It is the group’s drop in the bucket of the widely discussed zero agendum of the Philippine President, the war on drugs. Beyond the spectacle, fuss and sensation, this study hopes to pin down on the needs of a group of young drug surrenderees. After weighing different factors, my group then came up with a proposal of having an urban farming project.

The full interview can be accessed at


This was aired on 13 December 2017 via Special Broadcasting Service (SBS) Australia, a public broadcasting radio, online, and television network.

Photo by Ms. Maridel Martinez of SBS Australia

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