Web Article: Youth Unemployment-Mitigation Program (Conflict, Peace and Democracy Policy Blog, University of Graz)

JobStart Philippines: A Promising Project with Some Obstacles 

School-to-Work (STW) Transition has been persistent in the Philippines, and this has translated to the country’s youth unemployment problems (Canlas, M & Pardalis, M., 2009)  – specifically, there are 1.19 million unemployed Filipinos from 15 to 24 years of age (PSA, 2016). In response to this, the Philippine government started the JobStart Philippines Program (Republic Act 19689), which aims to raise the youth job placement rate from its current rate of 60-65% to 80%. The existence of this youth unemployment mitigation policy is justified. However, it reveals the complex backdrop that impedes Philippine youth unemployment.

The full article can be accessed at https://policyblog.uni-graz.at/2017/08/jobstart-philippines-a-promising-project-with-some-obstacles/


Published originally on 28 August 2017 at Conflict, Peace and Democracy (CPD) Policy Blog of the University of Graz (Austria)

CPD Policy Blog aims to create a bridge between science and politics. It tackles challenges and identifies opportunities in policy-making: from engagement of grassroots movement to decision-making by high-ranking government officials.

Photo by Pia Lorenzo

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