Web Article: Dismal Day – Marawi Siege (World Youth Alliance)

As a city girl since my birth, I am fortunate enough to be spared from what people may categorize as “lack of civilization.” These may range from rather superficial concerns such as slow internet connection, and scarcity of malls and bars, to more serious concerns such as unpaved roads, the inadequacy of schools and infrastructures, and even the onslaught of wars.

At this time of 21st Century, that is characterized with the Information Technology Revolution, and that is bequeathed with considerable degrees of achievement (may it be in academic, scientific, diplomatic or artistic aspect) from previous generations, people might expect freer and more peaceful places. Anyway, almost all countries already have their own government to maintain local affairs, and even at the international scope, the variegated nations are already mediated by international institutions like the United Nations to foster diplomatic relations. Our notions of universal concepts such as truth, justice, and freedom have supposed to progress as well. Hence, one may ask if there could still be a room for wars in this time of a more “civilized world.”

The full article can be accessed at https://www.wya.net/op-ed/dismal-day-marawi-siege/


Published originally on 29 June 2017 at World Youth Alliance

World Youth Alliance is committed to building free and just societies through a culture of integral development, solidarity, and mutual respect.

Photo by Romeo Ranoco, Reuters.

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