(Training) Leading Asia: National Graduate Institute for Policy Studies, Tokyo, Japan

The 2nd Organization Development Seminar Focused on the Knowledge Creation Theory in Leadership Enhancement and Administrative Development for Innovative Governance Project in Asia (or LEADING Asia) was held from 17-25 October 2017 at the National Graduate Institute for Policy Studies (GRIPS), in Tokyo, Japan.

Some of the lectures were the following:

  • Knowledge Creation Theory by Prof. Nishihara
  • Vitalization of the Local Economy –Regional Management in Falling Population Era, the Role of Municipalities and Public officers by Prof. Seki
  • Capacity Development in the Public Sector by Mr. Matsunaga
  • Human Resources Management in Japanese Government by Mr. Kanamori
  • Phronetic Leadership by Prof. Toyama

There were also case studies and fieldwork conducted.

GRIPS, Tokyo
In their lobby
Shopping street for the elderly (case study)
With my classmates
One of the cultural visits
In one of the innovation parks
A lecture on local governance
ASEAN women power!

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