Research Assistant: Association for Public Administration

Assists Prof. Dr. Alex Brillantes (President of the Asian Association for Public Administration; former President of the Philippine Society for Public Administration; former Dean of the University of the Philippines National College of Public Administration and Governance; former Commissioner at the Commission for Higher Education, Republic of the Philippines) in preparing his lectures held in various countries such as the U.S.A., Thailand, Morocco, Japan, and Philippines. Some examples of assisted lectures: 

• Session 3 of the “Multi-stakeholder Partnerships to Enhance South-South and Triangular Cooperation” in the United Nations Conference on Regional Consultation on South-South Cooperation in Asia and the Pacific held on 27-29 June 2018 in Bangkok, Thailand 
• Workshop 3 entitled “Transformational Leadership and Changing Mentalities to Achieve the SDGs” in the 2018 United Nations Public Service Forum: Transforming Governance to Realize the Sustainable Development Goals held on 21-23 June 2018 in Marrakesh, Morocco
• “Federalism: Issues, Concerns and Directions for Reform” held on 20 August 2018 at the Department of Science and Technology at PhiVolcs Center, Philippines
• “Federalism and Charter Change” in An Assessment of the 2nd Year of the Duterte Administration held on 20 July 2018 at the University of the Philippines NCPAG
• “Impacts of Federalism on Local Government Units” presented on 17 August 2017 in the Cebu Province Federalism Forum, Philippines
• “New Norms in Governance” presented on 23 August 2017 in the 65th Anniversary of NCPAG Conference, Philippines

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