Online Paper Presentation: Ethical Considerations in the Citizen Participatory Audit, PA Theory Network Conference (U.S.A.)

Ethical Considerations in Citizen Participatory Audit 

Maria Pilar M. Lorenzo


This paper looks into the Citizen Participatory Audit (CPA), a project of the Commission on Audit (COA) in response to the greater call for transparency and accountability as a bedrock of Good Governance through the involvement of citizens’ participation. Accredited NGOs are given the authorization and the proper training to conduct money audits (COA-UNDP, 2002). With CPA, new mechanisms are introduced to ensure government accountability, through which the government is steered (Alfiler, 2003). Set against this backdrop that by applying the Governance Reform Framework (Brillantes, Fernandez and Perante-Calina, 2013), this paper seeks to examine the ethical considerations and practices in the program and to unfold new frontiers in which citizens can explore and participate in a democratic government.


This paper was presented online at the 2017 Public Administration Theory Network Conference with the theme of Tension and Transition: The New Frontiers of Public Administration. It was held on 4 June 2017 in Wyoming, USA.

PATNet jpg.png


Photo by rawpixel from Unsplash

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