Online Course: Basic Land Use Planning, UP Open University

I finished the course Basic Land Use Planning offered by the University of the Philippines Open University – Faculty of Management and Development Studies, and graduated with high distinction. It spanned from January – May 2016.

UP Open Univ BLUP.jpg

About the course

(from their website at

Course Description

The Basic Land Use Planning is a 12-week course that caters to the needs of local government and environmental planners. It provides basic knowledge and awareness on proper land use planning.

Course Objectives

At the end of the course, the students are expected to:

  1. Cultivate basic knowledge needed for Environmental Planning that is grounded on ecological processes.
  2. Be acquainted with basic concepts, processes, tools, techniques, and be able to identify actors/stakeholders involved in Planning.
  3. Develop a deeper appreciation, understanding, and rudimentary skills to formulate and evaluate Land Use Plans.
  4. Understand, anticipate, and learn how to plan for relevant current planning challenges like Climate Change and Disaster Risk Reduction, etc.
  5. Strive to learn more and practice appropriate environmental planning


Photo by Tomasz Bazylinski from Unsplash

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