(Membership) Philippine Society for Public Administration: Philippines

I have been granted membership in the Philippine Society for Public Administration (PSPA) starting November 2015, and from then on have taken different roles in their events and research projects.

About PSPA (from their website at https://www.pspa.ph/):

PSPA – the only professional association for public administration in the Philippines – offers a wide array of benefits for its members. They include government employees, academics and scholars, researchers, development and non-government organization workers, professionals and students of public administration.

It hopes to advance the “praxis” – study and practice – of public administration and public service in the country through its core programs and services to improve the competencies, professional growth and development, networking and partnership building, shaping the countries public administration research agenda, and policy advocacy.

Society Affiliation

The Society provides opportunity to build a strong professional network with other social scientists, policy makers and school administrators involved in education and training in public administration through its affiliation other professional organizations like the Association of Schools of Public Administration in the Philippines (ASPAP), and the Philippine Social Science Council (PSSC).

Professional Development

In line with its program for professional development, PSPA sponsors conferences, lectures (classroom-based and/or online-based), seminars and public forums to improve the professional skills of its members and to foster professionalism in the conduct of governmental and related public service activities.

Participation in PSPA Learning Events: PSPA members get the priority of receiving invitations to participate in PSPA-led learning events such as conferences, seminars and lecturers. They may likewise receive special discounts and other privileges during these events – either as a paper presenter, resource person or as a participant.


Its objectives are to:

  1. Achieve and maintain a high degree of professionalism in the study and practice of public administration;

  2. Provide a forum for the discussion of issues, problems and trends in public administration;

  3. Disseminate and publish research findings in the field;

  4. Promote improvements in the study and practice of public administration in the Philippines; and

  5. Stimulate and maintain public interest in the continuing improvements of public administration in the Philippines and elsewhere.

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