When They Say “Thank You”

They come and go

The stars hanging on the sky

The moon with its changing face

The beauty that is manifest

In the world around

They all attest to the reality,

How they come and go

The universe remains,

But they come and go.


The order that is glimpsed

In the world created

The place of each,

of inanimate and of irrational beings,

is given and decided

And yet with a single creature

This can be contested

Man stands tall with his freedom


And so in the panorama that is

The might of man,

the marvel that he has amassed

The splendor that cannot be dimmed

May get blunted at times

But always existing


And so the world takes up a smile

At the sight of its magnum opus

That there is a certain dominion

Deigned by the Deity

There is something to draw out

From him

There is something good he could do


And the history proves it so

All ages and societies,

Although complex but true

They show the marvel of man

The brilliance that shines through

The creativity that makes the land progress

The deeds that are wrong but tell

Of life and love


But all these, however splendid,

And glorious they are

Still emanate from a creature

And so when the world smiles upon their man

And say “thank you”

Remember man that

“You are dust, and to dust you shall return.”



Written on 17 March 2015 in Rome

Photo by Burst from Pexels

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