The Words that Speak

The bliss that words can give

Delight that one, single man cannot ever give

For their source springs from

the entire race of men

The stories, experiences and morals

they tell

Picked up by years, centuries, millenniums

They have all been encapsulated

In a time capsule called word.

Oh highly favoured letters that bring wisdom,

found in words

If people’s love could only be found,

Not in a person

Then their heart escapes into you

There are tears and smiles encountered

A regal rendezvous that is unfailing

The power that is alive

Electrifies and terrifies,

A reason that is very simple

Not the usual trite trappings of power:

Power, fame, money

Seen at its barest the truth that is resplendent.

Words that speak

Delight to the soul

But the power that is held dearly

Comes not only with words as they are

The words that reach others’ ears,

That are read by others’ eyes,

They find their greatest resonance

The words that seem rise from the graves,

White-washed tombs

That have long been forgotten

When words cease to be solely words

And become fully alive in deeds.


Written on 6 March 2015 in Rome

Photo by Skitterphoto from Pexels

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