The First Multiplication

A bother that is not bothersome

Approaching him with a question mark

In their heads

“Send them away for it is already…”

for mere mortals the easiest way

is to cast away

Maybe then it was not with

A question but a period

When they approached him.

With five pieces of bread

And two loaves of fish

What could be done?


Their eyes dim

Ears are dead

Or maybe half-dead


Still, their senses are fainting

Too sensible at best

He asks, “What have you got?”

And they gave a factual reply

He lifted his eyes to Heaven

Instead of another utterance

He made a gesture

Befitting an eternal priest

Not needed to be

But Is

In the eyes of men though

He is only a miracle worker.


Neither the breaking of the bread

Nor the distributing part

Raising oneself to Heaven

Is the first act after all

To go horizontally, one goes vertically

To extend one’s hands,

One’s eyes reach high


The multiplication of the loaves and the fish tells

That in order to give

One ought to give up oneself

And the only priest that there is

The essence of priesthood incarnated

Shows in what manner

That a bother is not

If it is to a brother.



Written on 26 March 2015 in Rome

Photo by billycm from Pixabay


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