Philosophy and Poetry Found

As she stands still

And sees the world around her

The movement that flows

That dances, that glides

The lit faces that pass by

And witness the love that is in their hearts

The rocks that hold all forms

Or the lack of shape

Flat, amorphous, rough and smooth

Those rocks that have met a thousand years

Of history they speak

Of comings and goings that seem never end

They have been there all this time.

And there is variety found in crawling,

Slithering, flying and swimming

The ways to go from one point to another

Where there is such acting

There is surely movement

Of predator and prey that go on a long way

As one dominant also

Becomes submissive, always

Reflected in the web

Those animals that grow, mate

And eventually die

Are led to the end at the end of the day.

The dew that falls down

Sprinkles life but not profound

The sun instrumental

Gives sparkling that is natural

There is rhythm discovered

Not only in notes and dots

The lines and shapes that breathe

Perfect geometry found

In the panorama stands tall

Began as a vagabond or shall

It be better called waif

Seems homeless, wayfarer and never still

There is movement found in their journeys

Once Pangaea now broken

And plates still moving around

Still there they are,

Deciding and ruling

Found a place in the world they dominate.

She continues looking around

Seeing the dots, lines, shapes

And all forms

She finds the place where they belong

Pinpointed, detected and abstracted

Something that may be difficult

But very natural

Her eyes twinkle and are opened

To the essence that has been always there

To the essence that is found and grasped

And these serve as the music

Through which she glides through

The poetry found that it brings


Written on 20 February 2015 in Rome

Photo by Victor from Pexels

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