The Princes



There is an arrow shot

to the heart of the world


It finds itself awaken

From the long slumber,

The hiatus that is not restful

Tedious, tepid and topsy-turvy

In the panorama comes a boy,

And he is not like any other boy,

For he is our little prince.


In the beginning was the Word,

         and the Word was with God,

         and the Word was God.


Away from his rose, left in Asteroid 325

Finds himself loitering in the planet

called Earth

He learns a simple lesson:

That his rose is like no other rose

His friend fox tells him so

The important things in life are

invisible to the eye,

visible only to the heart.

The little prince is lonesome,

His heart pines for the only

important love in his life.




The slumber that there is

Comes and go

Comes and go

He awakens and sleeps again

Succumbs to the cycle that is not rhythmic

The prince asserts,

Moral or immoral, there is none

A figment of imagination

The ghastly ghost that catches the afraid

The paradise of the indifferent


When the amoral man wakes up

He finds his legs in his arms,

His arms in his stomach,

And thus his whole anatomy





Upside down

Whether our prince admits it or not.


         Simon Peter said to him,

         “Master, then not only my feet,

         but my hands and head as well.”




The people that pass by the city

Think that he is always in slumber,

Only a cold statue to be admired,

Bereft of warmth and love


When the amoral man wakes up

He finds our happy prince

Ugly, poor and useless

His ruby, sapphires and gold no more.


The happy prince fully knows well

They may be gone,

But they are placed

Where they should be.


For where your treasure is,

                   there will your heart be also.




The sting of the arrow that awoke our princes

Brought them out of their slumber

There could only be one

Not merely the zeitgeist

But the spirit that is service

It seems deadly,

And so it is true

In order to live one has to die.


If any man would come after me,

         let him deny himself and

         take up his cross daily

         and follow me.


There is always something to learn

Christianity may have hit it bull’s-eye

Encapsulated it in their priestly heart

The spirit said is not left vacuous,

It is found in a person

Although it may be for

the little prince,

the prince, or

the happy prince,

The words of The Prince is given to all.


When He came into the world

He surely woke them up

Taught them how to live

And to have a love that is sure, full and alive

He broke their hearts of lead,

Led them see beauty in ugliness,

life in death,

mystery in misery

And let them meet one another

In that fellowship called Life.



Note: The figures used are from Antoine de Saint-Exupéry’s “The Little Prince”, Niccolò Machiavelli’s “The Prince” and Oscar Wilde’s “The Happy Prince”.



Written in Rome

Photo by Kat Smith from Pexels



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