Where has the Love Gone by?

And she’s been asking,

Where is the love that she has found?

In the trees that seem talk

Of crawling creatures, pitiful and yet purposeful

The breeze, the typhoons, the torrents

which come and go

The nature depicting art,

which can never be created

But is there existing.


And where has the love gone by?

In the smile that lights up faces

The gaze that is penetrating

The look that is simple and profound

In the heart that radiates

of joy, of simple joys


In the words that are woven

That fall within periods. comma,

and semi-colon;

The phrases, the sentences

that collide and create

In the poetry that defies.


Where have been the people that taught?

The platforms that served a stage

In the classroom where all the fun started

The start has just begun


And may it never be forgotten

It is not only in schools,

within the walls that speak

The parks that refresh people

The society that seems to always change,

Still stands as the same cradle

That she has been

But the first place, the first home,

that is then the real beginning.


Where has the love that visited?

In that house that is shared

The things intangible which teach

The sacrifice, the sharing, the selfless giving


Where has the love that mayhap

has to be re-visited?

She continues asking

The present makes her not learn,

but re-learn

the things that have been always there.



Written on 11 February 2015 in Rome

Photo by imagesthai from Pexels


One thought on “Where has the Love Gone by?

  1. Congratulations, Pia! Am glad that you’re sharing the many articles you have diligently and wittingly done. May these inspire people in their own journey. Our family is deeply delighted. Remain humble as you explore the many facets of life. God bless and cheers!


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