Left and right

The dirt of the world

Greenpeace stands up,

Shouts “clean-up”

Ubiquitous the germs

Propagating as pathogens

Microbiological, biological

Both present

Zoom in, zoom out

Microscopes and naked eyes

Reveal the same thing:

The world is dirty.

Left and right

The filth of the world

Human rights insist

Violations committed

Murder here

Slaughter there

Civilizations have progressed

Yet, the civilised man is found wanting

And so the hammer

Always resounds

The victim pleads

What could be the sentence?

Seeing the panorama

“You say you want to change the world.”

It starts with self,

So they say.

There are all sorts of changes

Either for the better

Or for the worse.

Whatever type: economic, emotional,

sociological, psychological, moral

There is a need for revolution.

The question now,

What is your conviction?



Written on 10 March 2015 in Rome

Photo by Raj from Twenty20


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