Jewel Box: Köszeg, Hungary

Dubbed as the Jewel Box of Hungary, Köszeg is a lovely town situated on the Austrian border at the foot of the Alps. It was established during Medieval times, and now hosts some of the country’s historical monuments and outstanding architecture. Its medieval walls are intact, and the lay-out of the medieval inner town has been preserved. Its streets paved with cobbled stones and colorful little houses with matching fascinating squares all create a cozy atmosphere for the visitors. On top of this, the hills and forests surrounding the town always provide a refreshing air. If one wants to unwind and have a respite from the hustle and bustle of the world, Köszeg is the place to be.

Main sites in the center of Köszeg

Sacred Heart Church
Back of Sacred Heart Church
Jurisics Castle
Inside the castle complex
Castle from afar
Pont Vendeghaz
A restaurant in Köszeg
A glimpse of the city
Szent Imre-templom
Szent Imre-templom
Köszeg’s Square
Hero’s Gate
Jurisics Square
Dome of Szent Imre-templom
Szent Imre-templom
Town Hall
iASK Library
Ceiling of iASK Library
Synagogue in Köszeg

Köszeg Town Streets

Camping site

Csónakázó-tó Lake

High Schools in Köszeg

Going to Dr. Nagy László Egységes Gyógypedagógiai Módszertani Intézmény
Dr. Nagy László Egységes Gyógypedagógiai Módszertani Intézmény
Jurisich Miklós Gimnázium és Kollégium

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