City of Gold: Dubai, UAE

From what used to be described as a sleepy Gulf port has now earned the monicker, “City of Gold”, with its escalating business growth unfolding in a short period of time. The numerous glitzy high-rise edifices serve as a testament on how the city lives up to its name. The once desert outpost has also now become a destination for single tourists and families alike with its several man-made tourist attractions. With these achievements, the city demonstrates how mankind’s talent can flourish in a place that is seemingly scarce with natural advantages. It is a surprise how this place now known for its tallest building, largest dancing fountain, mammoth mall, and top-rated hotels was once mostly sand.

Different parts of Dubai

Inside Dubai International Airport
A temple we passed by while walking
Artwork on the wall
Dubai Frame

Burj Khalifa

During sunset
Burj Khalifa at night
Their famous fountain show
People viewing the Burj Khalifa

Dubai Mall

Burj Al Arab

Burj Khalifa at night

All photos by Pia Lorenzo

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