The Virgin of the Poor: Banneux, Belgium

The town of Banneux hosts another apparition of Our Lady, this time to a young girl named Mariette. When the Lady appeared for the third time, she introduced herself to be the “Virgin of the Poor”, and she led the little girl to the spring where she said, “This is reserved for all nations, for the sick.” Many healing miracles have been associated with this spring since then on, and in 1949, the Catholic Church officially approved this site of apparitions at Banneux.

For more details about the Shrine of Banneux, you may visit their official website:

Entrance to Banneux
The site where Our Lady appeared
Inside the Chapel of the apparition
The right wall of the Chapel
The ceiling of the Chapel
The left wall of the Chapel
Outside the Chapel
Statue of Our Lady of Banneux beside the sacred spring
The Virgin of the Poor
Where pilgrims can obtain water from the spring
Another statue of Our Lady of Banneux
Another chapel
Interiors of the bigger chapel
Many pilgrims in the Shrine of Banneux
Strolling around the area could be very relaxing
Very serene
Spes Nostra (Our Hope)
A cross in one of the areas leading to the spring
Several flags
Mother Teresa of Calcutta
Semper Fidelis (Always Faithful)
A rock statue
Another cross along the way
Another cross
St. Louis-Marie Grignion de Montfort

4 thoughts on “The Virgin of the Poor: Banneux, Belgium

  1. You are very blessed Pia..that place must be included in my bucket list as part of pilgrims..want to see too the place of aparition..
    Thank you for ..
    Tita Evelyn


    1. Thank you Tita Evelyn for your kinds words! The place is solemn, and it was a good place to pray. I am glad that I was able to go there, thanks to my Filipino friends here. 🙂 Hope you could also visit it po one day. Sulit po.


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