Swede Harmony: Gothenburg, Sweden

Situated in the lovely west coast of Sweden, this place is a down-to-earth city with pockets of cosy areas. With leafy parks, historic forts and castles, engaging museums, great seafood, and artistic buildings, one is definitely going to love Gothenburg. Also within the area is their myriads of islands, called the Gothenburg Archipelago, where one can take delight in their stunning nature, breathtaking views and charming houses. Offering unmissable panoramic views and memorable experiences, pursuing the Swede harmony is unquestionably worth one’s time and effort.

Gothenburg Archipelago

Island hopping in Western part of Sweden is one of the memorable things to do in Gothenburg. This archipelago offers more than 20 islands to visit.

Some famous spots in the city

In one of their open spaces
Spring time
Lovely flowers
Quaint store
Shop up close: Store for baby’s clothes
The historic Haga district
In the Haga district
Gothenburg University
Typical architecture and means of transportation
The Röhsska Museum
Their public bins even have their national symbols. Amazing!
Theater house
Street leading to Poseidon
Pizzeria and Poseidon
Vintage bike
Amusement park


All photos by Pia Lorenzo

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