The Dutch City of Christmas: Valkenburg, The Netherlands

Located by the Geul, a small river in the province of Limburg in the southern part of the Netherlands, Valkenburg is a city that definitely offers a lot to its visitors – from history, archaeology, art, religion, gastronomy, to Christmas traditions. The city is popularly known for its mines and caves that are replete with paintings dating back to the Roman times, ruins of the Valkenburg Castle from which vantage point you can have a panoramic view of Limburg, replica of the Roman catacombs which showcases underground architecture with burial niches and chambers, and of course, their traditional ‘Santa’s Village’ Christmas market that is located inside the caves. The whole city of Valkenburg is simply magical!

Roaming around the Streets of Valkenburg

Christmas Market in Valkenburg Caves

Ruins of Valkenburg Castle

Santa’s Gift Factory

Replica of Rome’s Catacombs

All photos by Pia Lorenzo

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