City of Canals: Amsterdam, The Netherlands

With its 165 concentric canals that run from the city center outward, every nook and cranny of the city has its own character and charm. The gamut of relaxing canals, mouth-watering food, enriching museums, and historic buildings form part of the urban city’s scenery equated only to Amsterdam. Apart from the big-hitting tourist attractions, there are also hidden gems (such as gardens, breweries, unique dining concepts) splashed throughout the city. All these create the pleasant and scenic landscape that the city is famous for, making its way into the hearts of so many people – citizens and tourists alike – to the extent that they can claim it as I Amsterdam.

Canals all over the City


MoCo (Modern/Contemporary) Museum

Façade of the MoCo Museum
During my visit, the MoCo Museum featured works of Banksy.
Love is in the Air (Flower Thrower) by Banksy (2006)
Stencil spray paint on canvas
Girl with Balloon by Banksy (2003)
Stencil spray paint on metal
Girl with Balloon by Banksy (2003)
Stencil spray paint on canvas
‘I wanted wine, woman, and song. I got a drunk woman singing’ by Banksy
Poem unique on wood
3D Interior Roy Lichtenstein Room:
Based on Lichtenstein’s painting “Bedroom of Arles” (1992)

Around the City

World Trade Center
Concert Hall
University of Amsterdam
Spring time!
Very slim building
In front of Madame Tussaud building
One of the sculptures
In the metro station
In the metro station

4 thoughts on “City of Canals: Amsterdam, The Netherlands

  1. Beautiful Pia. You’re amazing and so smart. I admire your talent and achievements. I enjoyed your gallery, very organized looks professionally done. I feel like traveling with your photos.

    I’m Leth dela Cruz Salenga, your dad’s second cousin. Our grandparents are sisters both Poy Lorenzo. Your mom & I chat frequently. I’ve heard so much nice things about you.

    My son in law Ryan goes there in Brussels once every month for business related matters. You guys can meet up one of these days if time permits. I heard you have a hectic schedule these days.

    Your graduation is just around the corner. Congratulations!


    1. Hello po Tita Juanita, thank you very much po for your kinds words! I greatly appreciate the support of family members like you po, and it boosts my energy to keep on going. I’m glad to hear that my articles here are of use to my family and friends po.

      If plans go well, Mama and ate Celine might come here in September po, and we can meet up with your son-in-law, Ryan po. And I hope to meet you in person too in the future. 🙂

      Yes po, my graduation is around the corner. I am finishing two more requirements. Kindly include me and my studies in your prayers po, so I can finishing everything well and on time. Thank you and I wish you the best in your endeavors, Tita!


  2. The place and everything are so beautiful. Thank you Ma’am for sharing with us the gallery of your smart daughter Pia. You’re so lucky Ma’am to have a daughter like Pia. Am praying for her success in all her endeavors. As if i have seen the place already and if only i have the means i would love to have a tour there with my children.


    1. Thank you very much for your kind words Tita Bessie. Sharing photos from and information about the places I have been is one of the ways I think I could share with many others the learnings and knowledge I have gained. I wish that one day you could come here with your children po.. Hugs tita


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