Food for the Soul: Seoul, Korea

Food may pertain to the lower need of men but drawing its richness can bring us to a lofty paradigm, making us realize that it can also be divine. As an old adage says, “When the body is well, the soul dances.”

Seoul is a good host to encounter this quid divinum. Through its gamut of street food to its more regal food, this place serves as a springboard to jump from a mere food consumer to a connoisseur to a contemplative individual. That food is not just for one’s survival but it unfurls the reality that man is a variegated being.


korea 3
Different Sticks


korea 4


korea 6
Shells on Fire


korea 7
The Place to Go to, their Public Market


korea 10
Best Match: Korean Fried Chicken + Beer


Sumptuous Meal


Chix and Beer


thumb_IMG_2675_1024 2
Grilling Marshmallows with the Fam


korea 2
Korean Version of Gyoza


One of the Best Beers I’ve Tasted 🙂


All photos by Pia Lorenzo


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