La Ville-Lumiere: Paris, France

French fries may not have been created in France, but many things without the word French could truly make one Frenchified, if ever there is such a term. And Paris, their ever famous city, is just one of the many reasons that could make a tourist or a traveler fall in love with France.

*All the photos I took during this trip got deleted. Photos below were taken either by my mother or by myself through my mom’s cell phone.


france 7
LOUVRE MUSEUM!! This is it – art ecstasy.


france 4
National Academy of Music


france 2
Sacre Coeur


The Towering Eiffel


france 8
The incorrupt body of St. Catherine


france 5
Napoleonic time Arc de Triomphe


One thought on “La Ville-Lumiere: Paris, France

  1. Memorable stay in Paris, France (my 3rd and latest trip after Madrid, Spain on Sept 21-24/14 and before going to the Grotto of Lourdes and Toulose.


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