Once I was a Roman: Rome, Italy and Vatican

Words fail my being in Rome. St. Peter’s square, Colosseo, Roman Foro, churches, fountains, cobblestones, and many others more. Rome is a world of treasures. Every nook and cranny is steeped with history. Just hit any museum (and there are countless of them) or walk around, cultural enrichment is to the max. 

*All the photos I took during this trip got deleted. Photos below were taken either by my mother or by myself through my mom’s cell phone.


Rome 10
All Smiles Seeing the Colosseum


Rome 2
Roman Kalesa


Rome 3
The Petrine Seat


ROme 4
One of the Many Fountains in Rome


Rome 1
Strolling in Colosseo Grounds


Rome 6
St. Peter’s Basilica


Rome 7
Basilica of Mary of Angels and of Martyrs


Rome 8
How Lovely to Stroll Around Rome


Rome 9
Another Fountain


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