A Place for Silence: Lourdes and Toulouse, France

This trip combines two realms that sound to be paradoxical but actually can be in juxtaposition with one another. We went to Lourdes to see the place where Our Lady appeared to St. Bernadette and other places in connection to the saint. Jacobins is the religious place to go to to have the gracious opportunity to pray before the relics of the Angelic Doctor (St. Thomas Aquinas, the writer of the famous poem-song Adoro Te Devote). However, to our surprise, as we were strolling in Toulouse, we found out that their Capitolium houses a very extensive collection of romantic and impressionist paintings. One will find himself extremely impressed with the size of the paintings there (larger-than-life) and of course the technique that is clearly rendered in the artworks seen.

Lourdes and Toulouse; religious and secular; twins that may not be identical but fraternal; twins that give you contrasting themes but actually are harmonious.

*All the photos I took during this trip got deleted. Photos below were taken either by my mother or by myself through my mom’s cell phone.


A part of the ceiling of Toulouse Museum


Toulouse 3
Paintings and Photographs


Toulouse 2
By the staircase of Toulouse Museum


Toulouse 5.jpg
The Jacobins


Toulouse 4
Relics of St. Thomas Aquinas

St. Thomas is my favorite saint. St. Thomas, may I borrow your mind and intellectual humility for a while? 🙂


Lourdes 3
Early morning in Lourdes


Lourdes 4
Side Chapel in Lourdes


Lourdes 7
Our Lady of Lourdes


Lourdes 6
Beautiful Mosaics


Lourdes 5
Body of Water in Lourdes


Relics of St. Bernadette Soubirous


Lourdes 2
Merci St. Bernadette


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