La Piel de Toro: Barcelona, Montserrat, Tibidabo and Madrid, Spain


There is the famous Sagrada Familia (complete name as Basilica and Expiatory Church of the Holy Family) by Antoni Gaudi in the top list of places to go to in Barcelona. He started it out in late 19th century, but until now construction is still up, the anticipated year for the completion being in 2026. From all angles it is clearly seen that this is an Art Nouveau church. I heard that the architect died by getting struck by a tram as he was walking by. His process of canonization is already ongoing.

The Barcelona cathedral is another beautiful place to go to. It exudes a different kind of charm at night with all the well-placed lights on its facade and sides. To our surprise, just outside the cathedral, there was a jazz concert! What a pleasant surprise. Pardon my bias but listening to jazz music (with all the virtuoso improvisations with it) at night is something to be cherished and to look forward to again.


20 miles northwest of Barcelona, Montserrat houses the blackened Our Lady. Being there at the top (with its high altitude) makes one almost side by side with the clouds. The rock formation is also a breathtaking sight.


Situated at the top, with 1,680 feet up high, Tibidabo is a mountain to visit in order to have a pleasant panoramic view of Barcelona.


Madrid has its own charm amidst its hustle and bustle.

*All the photos I took during this trip got deleted. Photos below were taken either by my mother or by myself through my mom’s cell phone.


Barcelona cathedral 2
Barcelona Cathedral


Barcelona 4
Barcelona Cathedral at Night


Barcelone 3
Jazz Concert in Barcelona


Sagrada Familia


Montserrat 2
Humongous Rocks of Montserrat


Rocks and Greens


Montserrat 3
Church in Montserrat


Our lady of Montserrat
Our Lady of Montserrat


Tibidabo Church


Tibidabo 3
Colorful Ferris Wheel in Tibidabo


Tibidabo 4
View from the Top of Tibidabo


The Bear by the Strawberry Tree


madrid 2
Felipe III Statue in Plaza Madrid



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