Back to the Past: Avila and Segovia, Spain

Avila is a World Heritage City. With its time-tested fortress, rich gastronomy including its famous yema, antique cathedral and churches and Renaissance castles, this city is really a must-see place before to die.

Segovia, the twin city to go to when touring the previous place, also offers its own beauty and vintage charm. It offers you to see its Roman aqueduct which was probably built in 50 A.D. Other places to see here are its edifices, stones, pavements, lines, well everything!

*All the photos I took during this trip got deleted. Photos below were taken either by my mother or by myself through my mom’s cell phone.


Avila and Segovia
A castle in Segovia


Segovia cathedral
Segovia Cathedral


A fortress
Avila Fortress


Avila Cathedral
Side of Avila Cathedral


Avila from afar
Avila from Afar


A church
(I think this was at the side of Avila Cathedral)


A city of St John of the Cross
The City of St. John of the Cross


A Segovia houses
Segovia Houses


Aqueduct of Segovia


4 thoughts on “Back to the Past: Avila and Segovia, Spain

  1. I also marvel these two magnificent places. Their churches, structures and vast idle land are beautiful to behold. So grateful to have toured there with you, my dear Pia.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Me too Mama, so glad and grateful to have toured these beautiful places with you. Thanks for accompanying me before my studies in Rome. Will always cherish our memorable moments during our trips. 🙂


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